Our family is moving states! We are taking a break during May/June 2024, but we will be back!

Custom Orders

We are happy to work with you to make custom or bulk orders for your school, club, organization, or business! We can create custom pins using your logo, or use our standard speech bubble design in your organization's colors. We also offer discounts on bulk orders. Contact us to discuss your needs. 

Custom pins featuring a store logo:

A man wearing a blue mask with custom 3D printed pronoun magnetic mask charm. Pronoun pin is a store logo: an orange cut-open fig, with the pronouns He/Him on it in white.

About 2 dozen custom pronoun pins featuring a store logo, spread out neatly in rows. Pins are orange and feature a cut-open fig, with white writing for the pronouns.

Our standard speech bubble pronoun pins in custom colors:

Three 3D printed pronoun pins with custom colors on an order card. Pronoun pins are hot pink speech bubbles with a black outline. White writing for the pronouns She/Her.

About 3 dozen pronoun pins, 3D printed in custom colors for a school club. Pins are navy blue with a silver outline, and white writing featuring a variety of pronoun options, including He/Him, She/Her, They/Them, He/They, She/They, Any Pronouns, and others.

Three pronoun pins 3D printed in custom colors for a business. Pins are shaped like speech bubbles in red, with black outline, and white writing with the pronouns They/Them, She/Her, and He/Him.

Custom designed and printed pins for school clubs, convention crew, and volunteer medics, etc:

About 2 dozen custom designed and 3D printed pins for a school organization. Pins are navy blue ovals with orange lightning bolts extending out the upper left and lower right sides of the oval. White writing in the center of the oval says GSA.
Thirty custom 3D printed pins for convention volunteers to be more easily identified. Pins are square with stripes of red and black. White writing on top says C2E2 Crew 2021.
Custom designed and printed magnetic mask charms for medics at an event to be more easily identified. Charms are red circles with a white cross. White cross has a red heart in the center with a white heart beat line. 2 charms are presented on an order card, while more are on packaged nicely in a pouch in the background.
Custom 3D printed shoe charm. Shoe charm is light blue with a purple outline purple caduceus (medical symbol with entwined snakes), and white text on top reading "epilepsy."

Example of a bulk order of our speech bubble pronoun pins:

Large bulk order of pronoun pins for a company. About 4 dozen pins shaped like speech bubbles in a variety of colors and pronouns on cardstock ready to ship.